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2012-07-10 (Tuesday)


  1. closes its API after Facebook purchase announce they’re closing their API only three weeks after saying how they’ll keep supporting their developers.

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  1. Markdown Editing for Sublime Text 2: humble beginning - Brett Terpstra

    I might be missing something, as no one else seems to have this problem, but I can’t work out how…


  1. The physical constraints of London’s streets | As Easy As Riding A Bike

    Countering the “London’s streets are two narrow for proper Dutch-style cycling lanes” idea with many, many photos of London’s wide main roads. (via Cyclists in the City)

  2. Another Studio - MONUmini Barbican Tower

    10cm tall stainless steel sheet model of a Barbican tower.


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    @hondanhon Shut up about displays Dan! I'm trying to decide if an 8" iPad would go better with my MaBook and iPhone than a 10" iPad!

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    @paulpod I expect the UN has an agency specifically focused on eradicating blocky websites from the world's retina screens.

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    Had enough of pundits agonising over sizes iPads, whether to design for retina displays, blah blah. I should read people with real problems,

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    Me writing about closing its APIs and ranting a little about tech acquisitions:

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    400th check-in at the BRIG. Can't wait for my prize! A medal? A sticker? A piece of whimsical future-retro Internet-connected old tat?

    Westminster, England, United Kingdom

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    @phl Ah. They don't make it immediately obvious. They should adopt your tweet as a tagline.

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    Sales of the 50 Shades trilogy last week were almost twice as high as the sales of the next bestselling 1,000 paperback novels combined