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2015-08-09 (Sunday)


  1. Rosemary Hill reviews ‘Princes at War’ by Deborah Cadbury · LRB 30 July 2015

    The Duke of Windsor, who’s always used on classic menswear forums as the ultimate in style… a bit of a dick.

  2. The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis - The Atlantic

    Yes, yes, that’s all very interesting BUT WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT? (via Monevator)

  3. August 2015 Update - A week with Michael (Citybound Devblog)

    I’m still enjoying these updates, and this is quite a technical one. (Writing a SimCity-style game in JavaScript…)

  4. Jam Preserves - The Jam Journal

    This Is My Jam will be closing, but doing it right with a browsable archive and even a read-only API. Very nice. A shame though, and a shame about the changes in other services that made it difficult to carry on.

  5. Insurance Plan of London Vol. VI: sheet 135 – 1887 – Chas E Goad Limited – Chas E Goad Limited – Visualize

    After a lot of clicking through lists of sheets I found this 1887 map of where we live. So many buildings. Book marblers! Feather warehouse! Umbrella factory! Tranters Temperance Hotel! Nicely done, British Library.

  6. Fire insurance maps and plans

    The dull title, and initial interface, doesn’t do this collection justice. Really, really detailed old maps of towns - lots of London - showing individual buildings and usage, each sheet carefully overlaid onto Google maps. It’s an effort to find a particular area though.


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    @misssfitt @WhitStillman @Film4 Well, terrestrial TV as opposed to subscription-required satellite or cable.