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2007-09-22 (Saturday)



  1. Moving Target: Cyclist-killing lorry driver fined £300

    Yes, the lorry driver must feel awful, but he wasn’t looking where he was going while steering an HGV round a corner. Only a 300 quid fine for killing someone!? Motorists get away with so much while driving dangerous machines.

  2. Pulse Laser: Drawing Olinda

    Splendid piece by Jack Schulze on how they came up with ideas for the form of their exciting-sounding digital radio prototype for the BBC.

  3. Telephone and broadband packages

    The Advertising Standards Authority on phone and broadband claims of “Unlimited” usage: “Something can be described as ‘unlimited’ even if a fair-use policy exists.” Pathetic. A licence for companies to print lies, correcting via a footnote. (via Haddock)

  4. Billie the vision and the dancers

    Gorgeous, tuneful, twee Swedish pop, all free. If you try one track, try ‘A Beautiful Night in Oslo’. (via Not Your Usual Bollocks)

  5. DJ Earworm Mashups » No One Takes Your Freedom

    While I’m at it, this is my other favourite mashup. Great fun.

  6. Mark Vidler // Go Home Productions

    12 CDs worth (4 more to come) of mashups / bootlegs / remixes, his complete back catalogue, free. Of the few I know, ‘Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock & Roll’ on CD6 is one of my favourite bootlegs. (No permalink)

  7. Scarlet Mist - buy/sell spare music gig and Festival tickets ethically

    Buy and sell UK and Ireland gig tickets at face value, avoiding eBay and touts.

  8. The Terrific Electric, by Boiler Room for BITE 2007 at the Barbican - a photoset on Flickr

    Photos from the dress rehearsal of the play I enjoyed at the Barbican’s Pit a couple of weeks ago.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Great Pepys phrase for watching the girls: "Gadding abroad to look after beauties."