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2009-03-08 (Sunday)

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  1. Let’s move to… Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex: ‘England’s friendliest resort’ | Money | The Guardian

    gortahork… I think you’re misreading a confusing sentence. I assume it should be read as: Hourly…


  1. Charlie Brooker: To politicians, we’re little more than meaningless blobs on a monitor | Comment is free | The Guardian

    I’m going through that periodic “who can I bring myself to vote for?” dilemma and this just makes it worse. Just one good party would be enough. (via Lee)

  2. The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : Gears of War 2

    Quite enjoying these animated games reviews, although this is the only game I’ve played much, so far. Kind of sounds like old Victor Lewis Smith.

  3. Big Tent Atheism - Boing Boing

    I often wonder what a really populist atheism would look like. Could it exist? If so, would it look like anything?

  4. In Pictures: Secret Bits Of The Barbican - Londonist

    Not that secret - only two or three photos are from inside the building that’s currently being turned into flats, but still interesting.


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    Tasty fun brunch, first ride in the nebmobile, wander down Valencia, now in Ritual. Working out (dreaming) how to live here.

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    So, brunch at Home on Church & Market at 12 with me, @yoz, @Doctoe... d @yoz if you're coming.

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    So, brunch. From 11-12ish at either Chow or Home, at Church and Market. D me before if you need my number (I'm not twitterable when out).

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    That was very nice. Like a little bit of Burning Man in a big hangar. Without fire unfortunately. Started hearing the call of the playa...

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    People in SF: We're brunching somewhere in the Mission 11-12ish Sunday morning. Come!

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    Beautiful sunny day in Berkeley. Footsore after finding ten books. Tonight: Flaming Lotus Girls on Treasure Island