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2018-06-14 (Thursday)


  1. D3.js Charts: Towards Updatable Code | Toptal

    A useful variant on the D3.js modular pattern, allowing you to pass updated data (or other things) into an already-rendered chart.

  2. Modernist Architecture: The Barbican Complex: Exploring London’s Radiant City

    Nice picture essay about the place. Helped that he had good weather!


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    @Zoonie There is, isn’t there, for some of it at least? Turn off “Show the best tweets first”.

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    @tomcoates Yeah I’m sure. Maybe they just assume most of us use third party clients. I don’t know.

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    @frankieroberto Yeah, I’m sure. I can see why Twitter don’t offer more customisability of the experience for people with different requirements, but it’d be interesting.

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    I don’t even visit MetaFilter that often – which I should change – but I’ve just started a monthly contribution. It’s the kind of web I want to see thriving.…

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    Important MetaFilter news: it’s been a rough few months financially. We have a big revenue shortfall.

    Funding from folks who care about good, non-toxic places on the internet will help tremendously.



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    Maybe there *are* loads of users who only want to "find out what is happening right now" and "get to the best of Twitter around an event"? Maybe I and all the repliers to that thread are in an obscure "just show us tweets in order" bubble?

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    I love the replies. Basically: "Just show us tweets in chronological order and get rid of Nazis!" I'm also genuinely intrigued as to whether Twitter folk think this stuff is good, wanted, fulfilling user needs, etc.…

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    Blog post below has details but here's quick tldr:
    1. breaking news at top of your timeline
    2. new look for Moments w/ recaps/latest tweets/video in one spot
    3. redesigned Explore organized by topic
    4. personalized notifications
    5. highlighted events in search
    and more