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2013-01-11 (Friday)


  1. Barbican, 1969 - YouTube

    Documentary about the Barbican, including footage of the then nearly-completed buildings, and (at 15:40) a look inside one of the show flats.

  2. The Technium: Pain of the New

    I haven’t seen ‘The Hobbit’ and its HFR, but most of the complaints about the 48fps do, as Kevin Kelly says, sound like people preferring vinyl over digital music, black and white film over colour, etc. Anyway, a good description of why HFR currently looks odd. (via Kottke)


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    @alruii That's one of those sites that auto-generates content based on a load of buzzwords isn't it? *refresh* Hmm, broken: same text again.

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    I can see 30-40 office windows from my flat and not one of them contains bunting, helium balloons, Lego, old radios or other whimsy. Awful.

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    @benhammersley I used to live just round the corner and up the road! (Bay Area Blvd @ Moon Rock Drive)

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    @stml Oooh, exciting, congratulations!