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2009-12-22 (Tuesday)


  1. Week 340

    Summing up 2009, which, again, has felt too aimless.


  1. • View topic - Barbican Cinemas 2 and 3 to Close

    Due to close early 2010 and re-open two years later in the current Barbican Exhibition Hall. Sounds like a cock-up re guaranteeing Frobisher Crescent developers the current cinemas wouldn’t leak noise.

  2. Barac consulting | Notes on designing the Guardian iPhone app

    Always good to read about design processes, and this helps me understand why some of the things I find slightly annoying about the otherwise good app are the way they are. (via Simon Willison)

  3. Crowdsourced document analysis and MP expenses

    About writing the Guardian’s site that lets people examine MPs’ expenses. Especially good on the lessons learned from the first version, and how they improved for the second.


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    Behind with my sums, so trying to catch up.

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    @neb Mexican breakfast in the Mission sounds awesome, yes! Oh, I'm in London. Oh well, have some for me :)

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    5.30pm and now *really* about to start work. Maybe I should have told myself this week was a proper holiday.

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    Cleaning dried soup off a motherboard.

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    @pixellent Don't have breakfast until tonight and you'll get loads more things done before breakfast!