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2010-11-08 (Monday)


  1. A Paper Internet by Carlos Bueno — Kickstarter

    Pledge money towards one of those “web pages printed out and encased in resin” time capsules. Pledge enough and you choose 500 pages to be printed. (via Beyond the Beyond)

  2. A Room to Let in Old Aldgate | Spitalfields Life

    Some lovely 19th century photos of the area around the City, Spitalfields, Barbican, etc.

  3. Designswarm thoughts » Blog Archive » The politician’s handbook to East London

    Alex in very, very good form on the East London Tech City initiative. I have the same unease about equating small start-ups with providing good space and conditions for huge tech companies. Related, but different things and requirements. (via Blech)

  4. The government shouldn’t hang on Google’s every word | Charles Arthur | Comment is free |

    Yes, it’s good the government is making positive noises about technology, start-ups etc, but also, this. (Although, are you really surprised a government, especially Conservative, is taking policy advice from large companies?)


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    Watching American football while reading about the history of assault rifles. #identitycrisis

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    Spent way too long packaging that thing which sold for 99p on eBay.

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    @TonyAgeh Did she say it was now your turn? Can we see that video? :)

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    I asked this on Quora: Why is Wikinews so under-used? Do you have an answer?

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    The weather forecast for Monday shows large fronts of working-from-home sweeping across EC2.