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2009-10-27 (Tuesday)


  1. Games have rules

    Frustrated by the lack of rules in Foursquare making me feel like a loser.

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  1. Theatricalia

    Matthew Somerville’s new theatre database site. It already features nearly 19,000 productions, and you can add more.

  2. LRB · Bridget Riley: At the End of My Pencil

    Bridget Riley on why she draws and how her paintings developed. Good, although it all sounds more straighforward than I imagine it was.

  3. Click opera - Hanging gardens of Barbican

    Momus on growing to love the Barbican. (via Blackbeltjones)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Just watched first three episodes of 'Flash Forward'. Alternated between utter embarassing tosh and "ooooh". Will try again.

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    @blech Heh, maybe it'll pick up after I level up, get better guns, find vehicles, etc. Still feels a bit "here's how things work" at the mo.

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    @phl Had a 90 min solo go. Loved the graphics but was a bit dull otherwise, so far. Finding money/ammo, shooting a few baddies, no thrill.

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    It sounds like window cleaners rather than the SAS. Either way, I've drawn the curtains to avoid social embarrassment.

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    Either the SAS has landed on the roof, or the abseiling window cleaning is about to commence.