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2009-05-13 (Wednesday)


  1. Mailman Archive Scraper

    A Python script I wrote that scrapes a Mailman mailing list archive and republishes it elsewhere, with some optional additional changes.


Comments I've posted on other sites

  1. A long list of books | MetaTalk

    Hi, I’m responsible for Septivium and put the list together from the original thread. To respond to…


  1. BBC News | Programmes | Newsnight | Stephen Fry dismisses MPs’ expenses row

    Exactly what I needed. Stephen Fry putting the infuriating and angry-making MPs’ expenses stuff into perspective. It’s a very bad thing but there are more important things to get angry about. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. How do I stop the “Mailbox is at 90% of quota” alerts?

    No, really, how do I do this in Thunderbird? Anyone? Or anyone know somewhere else I can ask where I might get an answer? It’s driving me nuts enough to consider switching to Apple Mail.

  3. YouTube - Unit Four Plus Two — Concrete and Clay

    1965(?) video for the song, filmed on the building site that was to become the Barbican.

  4. William Heath’s blog » Customer service

    His amazing battle to get Orange to stop chasing him for debts incurred by someone who started an account in his name while he was in another part of the country. Stunningly poor and dumb service.

  5. The Straight Choice | The election leaflet project

    I’m slightly unsure about the “why” of this project but it has a great pedigree so I’m sure it will be a Good Thing.


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    @mattb Online radio should have interference filters to let you make it sound like FM, MW, LW or SW.

  • philgyford’s avatar's Apprentice Predictor gave away that I didn't pick the firee before the firing actually took place. Spoiler. Won't use again.

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    Mugs acquired at good old Waitrose. Good size, comfy handles. Plus: tea, milk and biscuits. The full kit.

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    @tomtaylor Robert Dyas a good idea... although the website suggests I might end up with Winnie the Pooh and Friends...

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    If I wanted to buy some mugs near Silicon Roundabout, where would I go? Argos doesn't do them (unless you want two Playboy mugs for £8.79).

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    Responding to critics.

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    Blimey, I had no idea a film was made of Nicholas Mosley's 'Accident' (I like) with a screenplay by Pinter. And it's re-released next month!

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    Everyone was swimming clockwise this morning. Surprisingly disorienting.