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Links tagged with “video”

  1. The Wadsworth Constant | Know Your Meme

    “… the first 30% of any video can be skipped because it contains no worthwhile or interesting information.” (via Garbage Day)

  2. - Explore The World From Home

    It feels more magical than I expected to suddenly see full-window, high quality video of walking round a foreign city, more so than browsing YouTube for the same.

  3. Criticism in the age of TikTok - YouTube

    I enjoyed this video essay about how young people use video, on TikTok etc., both for the content and the form. (via @mildlydiverting)

  4. A rundown of Handbrake settings (0.9.6) -

    Handy stuff because none of these settings make any sense to me and I just want to make video files that look fine and don’t take up GB.

  5. Around City of London in Colour aka London Scenes - British Pathe

    Some nice bits of (silent) colour film of the City of London from 1961. (Thanks Mum!)

  6. Fear And Monocles — Broken Toys

    Mainly for the video of the “Jita Microtransaction Riot, 6/24/11”. Future. (via Tom Insam)

  7. Evom - Convert and Download Videos to iTunes

    “Download internet videos (YouTube and more) to iTunes and iPod.” Handy. (via Ben Hammersley and more)

  8. Jilion - SublimeVideo

    That lovely HTML5 video player which I keep seeing and then forgetting the URL of.

  9. Video Monkey

    “A free video encoding application exclusively for Mac … it borrows heavily from the Visual Hub video conversion tool.” (via Yoz)

  10. 100 years of Big Content fearing technology—in its own words - Ars Technica

    How companies have complained that new technologies will destroy content industries over the past century. Like when home taping killed music. Wasn’t that terrible. (via Kottke)

  11. Untitled on Vimeo

    A (low quality) video history of HotWired, HotBot, etc. up to 1998 or so.

  12. Senator Charles Grassley on the costs of health care (C-SPAN video)

    In case you missed the clips on The Daily Show, here’s the full video of Grassley’s bizarre cartoon-powered Arthurian mixed metaphors. It’s stunning that this nonsense happens in government.

  13. I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel on Vimeo

    Beautiful slow motion video shot using very high speed cameras, up to 2500 frames per second. (via Daring Fireball)

  14. Cambridge University - CamTV - Video and Audio - The Phillips Machine with Allan McRobie

    Video of the machine that simulates the economy using water. A few years back I couldn’t even find a picture of this thing. The internet’s getting better.

  15. YouTube - Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice

    By half way through I couldn’t stop laughing. Bloody brilliant.

  16. YouTube - Unit Four Plus Two — Concrete and Clay

    1965(?) video for the song, filmed on the building site that was to become the Barbican.

  17. Datamoshing

    This stuff is awesome… ten years ago we wouldn’t be able to see this as anything but an ugly mistake. In a couple more years it’ll look really dated. It’s now, yesterday’s future here.

  18. YouTube - Band of Brothers (BOB) gets Pwned in Alliance Trounament 4

    I’d never seen commentary on a game before. I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s still somehow thrilling. (via Oblinks)

  19. A Typographic Survey of the City of London on Vimeo

    Lovely little video about the typography used in public throughout the City. Only criticism: sound recording is very poor quality. Otherwise, fab. (via Blech)

  20. Happy New Year by Electrabel - Fubiz™

    Stunning stop-frame animation advert done with thousands of candles. Watch it. (via Drawn!)

  21. YouTube - Hitler’s BNP membership gets leaked

    Best use of the ‘Downfall’ video meme yet. (via Haddock)

  22. Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) on Vimeo

    The latest version of the happy, happy dancing Matt video. Still makes me unusually happy.

  23. The Netizen

    I’ve been digitising VHS tapes. I found this 1996/7 TV show from the then soon to be defunct Wired TV. It’s quite dull.

  24. YouTube - The Day Today - Britain in Crisis

    Always worth a watch when it looks like things are tanking. “This is Britain and everything’s alright. Everything’s alright. It’s OK. It’s fine.”

  25. Back to the Garden: 1958 TV show on Global Warming!

    It’s more than a little galling to see a TV programme from 1958 explaining global warming. We’re only doing something about it now!? (via Boing Boing)

  26. The Official Star Wars Blog » I Left My Star Destroyer in San Francisco

    I saw this linked to everywhere and didn’t watch it. Just more Star Wars stuff. But I finally succumbed and it’s *very* good. I love that the footage is so casual and amateur.

  27. YouTube - The Late Edition - Britain’s Own War On Christmas

    Watch for the first 2 minutes 30 seconds rant about Christians complaining that “Christianity is under attack”. Brilliant. (via Haddock)

  28. Society of the Spectacle (La Société du spectacle)

    Guy Debord’s film in full on Google Video, with English subtitles.

  29. iSquint - iPod Video Made Easy.

    Free converter for making video into iPod/iPhone-friendly video. (via Haddock)

  30. Displacements – today and tomorrow

    Very nice video / installation art thing, worth a look. (via Kottke)

  31. YouTube - Hitler Plans Burning Man

    Laughing at Hitler feels so wrong, but that’s what I did. (via Boing Boing)

  32. YouTube - 21 Accents

    An actress says more or less the same sentence in 21 different accents. Very good. I’d love to be able to do, well, any accent other than my own. (via Boing Boing)

  33. MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

    I generally think graffiti is just selfish vandalism, including this, but it’s still an impressive feat - a long stop-motion animation using graffiti. Must have taken an age. (via Kevin Kelly)

  34. 2.0 Expo 2008: Clay Shirky

    Or watch Clay give that “how do they find the time?” talk in person on this video. Worth it; he’s an awesome speaker. (via Daring Fireballl)

  35. Cityofsound: Monocle: design notes

    Dan Hill’s fantastic description of the design decisions that went into the Monocle website. Lovely to see a site that manages to be distinctive but still classy.

  36. Zamzar - Free online file conversion

    Convert a file to a different kind. Audio, video, text documents, archives, etc. Plus download YouTube etc videos in a different format. (via Cool Tools)

  37. YouTube - Design Coding

    Rap: “Please don’t use tables even though they work fine, when it come to indexing they give searches a hard time. Make it easy for the spiders to crawl what you provide, remove font-type, font-color and font-size.” Awesome. (via Haddock)

  38. Yahoo! Developer Network: Fire Eagle Launches - O’Reilly Conferences

    Tom Coates launching Fire Eagle. Yay congratulations Tom (and team)! We miss you over here you know.

  39. YouTube - Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing!

    Fun animated video for one of my favourite tunes of 2006 AND 2007. The animation bears no relation to the song, but still… (via Drawn!)

  40. Video - The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton

    (A reluctant) Eddie Argos out of Art Brut singing along with the Mountain Goats at the Union Chapel a week ago. Made me very happy.

  41. Soundtrack To War

    Good 90 minute documentary on what music US troops in Iraq, and Iraqis, listen to and make. Mostly: white troops listen to metal, black troops to rap.

  42. YouTube - What’s He Building?

    Excellent Tom Waits track. I love the (spoken) lyrics and the video lives up to them. (via Haddock)

  43. YouTube - Today’s Special 1 - Tea Rooms

    Lovely, too-short film about a now-closed caff in London. See also part 2 (New Piccadilly) and 3 (Eldon Street). Criminal that these places are all disappearing. (via Haddock)

  44. YouTube - 9 Nine Minute Sopranos (Complete 7 Minute Version!)

    Brilliant compilation of clips from the Sopranos, telling the entire story veryquickly.

  45. - Watch Movies/Cartoons/TV-shows/Animes online!

    Links to TV/movies watchable online elsewhere. I keep forgetting the URL.

  46. YouTube - The Wrong Trousers

    Wonderful busking cover of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by teenage San Diegan buskers, including a harp. (via Said the Gramophone)

  47. TED | Talks | Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? (video)

    A talk about education sounded very dull. But no, this is really good, well worth watching, and lots of fun. He’s a bit like Tommy Cooper at times. (via Tomski)

  48. BBC Motion Gallery - Home Page

    Very handy for finding clips of animals moving for thespian research purposes. And probably other things.

  49. BBC On This Day | 24 | 1956: Plans unveiled for homes in Barbican

    Wonderful video from 1956 showing the site now occupied by the Barbican, and a gentleman demonstrating an incomprehensible perspex model of an early plan.

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