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2007-09-05 (Wednesday)


  1. BigO Worldwide - Brian Eno, Joanna MacGregor and Bath Camerata

    MP3s of a concert at Bath Abbey in 2006. ‘Music for Airports’ performed live for the first time is pretty good.

  2. Google Image Labeler

    I’m trying not to let this useful game eat up all of my time, although it’s getting a fair amount of it.

  3. True to Life - Metatheory and the Writings of Nicholas Mosley

    Interviews with Mosley, whose books I’m liking a lot so far (‘Accident’ and ‘Impossible Object’).

  4. YouTube - 9 Nine Minute Sopranos (Complete 7 Minute Version!)

    Brilliant compilation of clips from the Sopranos, telling the entire story veryquickly.

  5. World Clock

    Statistics (based on estimates) updating in real time about deaths, diseases, disasters, etc globally.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    "With Delivery Driver 05/09/2007 07:43:02" Get your skates on! Hoping the new bike is at home by the time I get there.

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    I'll survive with HomeSite. People have apparently struggled on with greater problems.

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    @fidothe I'd be happy to pay $35 for E Text Editor, but it requires admin rights I don't have (unlike Putty, Safari, Firefox, and Opera...)

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    Rolling my eyes at the process required to approve the use of a specific text editor at the BBC.