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2008-04-15 (Tuesday)


  1. Creating narrative as a team

    Clowning is going well, in contrast to the Creation of the first couple of weeks of term, when we returned to the Heart of Darkness.


  1. Best Game Ever at Improv Everywhere

    Brings a tear to my eye. Another lovely, lovely event.

  2. Long live Karl Marx! « The Bristol Blogger

    Awww… we used to see this guy at Ashton Court Festival, wandering around in a leather thong with a huge bottle of cider. He was called Colin Toogood and he’s died.

  3. Free Traffic For Your Squidoo Lens on Squidoo

    Instructions for how to spam people via Twitter. As Ian said, wankers, making the Internet a little bit more unpleasant for everyone else.

  4. Zamzar - Free online file conversion

    Convert a file to a different kind. Audio, video, text documents, archives, etc. Plus download YouTube etc videos in a different format. (via Cool Tools)

  5. A List Apart: Articles: Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards

    Lovely CSS bar charts and sparklines created in HTML and CSS.

  6. Tweet Clouds

    Showing what words you use most on Twitter. Home, College, Day, Work are the unremarkable stand-outs for me. (via Russell Davies)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Warmly surprised by Dopplr's personalised announcement boutique hotel email. Good work chaps!