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2007-12-14 (Friday)

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  1. Stone Cold Pimpin’: Louis Menand (and myself) on Diary Keeping

    Interesting, I look forward to reading the article (I’ll get round to the paper version…

  2. Vandalism, Shoreditch on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    They’re by Eine: Here’s an interview with him:…


  1. Video - The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton

    (A reluctant) Eddie Argos out of Art Brut singing along with the Mountain Goats at the Union Chapel a week ago. Made me very happy.

  2. Russell davies: conference advice

    Bookmarked in the hope some more obscure conferences are recommended.

  3. Interview: ‘Eine’ and the letters he paints on east London shop shutters | I Shot the Deputy

    I’ve been meaning to look up the story behind the letters I cycle past every day, and a photo by Alice prompted me to do so.

  4. Facebook | My Privacy

    The page for opting out of Facebook’s Beacon “feature” that tells people what you’ve been buying on other sites.

  5. Wired 14.11: The Church of the Non-Believers

    Dawkins, Dennett, Sam Harris. (via The Same River Twice)

  6. Perl on Rails - Why the BBC Fails at the Internet | I Am Seb

    The only surprising thing about this was that so many people were surprised. A lot of BBC employees’ energies are spent trying to circumvent Siemens, from desktop support to website hosting.


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    Feeling old: Avoiding end of term party in Shoreditch because it will be loud and drunken and past my bed time.

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    Home, email and websites working again. Some email from last night lost forever. Grr.

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    Heading west to end of term Secret Santa and party. Still no bloody email. Narked with TextDrive/Joyent.

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    Server's been down for twelve hours now. Really wanting my email back. "RAID is beyond a short repair ... restoring ... from the backup".

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    Looking forward to catching up on 24 hours of email, only to find the mail and web server has been down all morning. TextDrive minions busy.