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2009-01-14 (Wednesday)

Comments I've posted on other sites

  1. Moolies: Cycling notes

    When I’m cycling I get much more annoyed by other cyclists or pedestrians that I do with car…


  1. The Printed Blog | Home

    A trial of a twice-daily very local newspaper in some US locations using content from blogs. It would be difficult to be any worse than, say, Metro, London Lite, Evening Standard, etc. in London.

  2. Noisy Decent Graphics: All the ephemera that’s fit to print

    I haven’t even seen one of these (yet) but it’s already one of my favourite objects. I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages but Russell and Ben actually did it, and did it much better than I’d ever have done it.

  3. Tabbloid

    Will regularly email you a PDF of your chosen RSS feeds. Couldn’t be much simpler. (via Russell Davies)

  4. Russell Davies: meet the new schtick (2)

    Part two of a write-up of a talk Russell gave. Real-world things derived from the internet’s good stuff make me excited.

  5. A Typographic Survey of the City of London on Vimeo

    Lovely little video about the typography used in public throughout the City. Only criticism: sound recording is very poor quality. Otherwise, fab. (via Blech)

  6. Twee as Fuck

    Fanzine, monthly London club night, record label. Looks great. (Warning: the naughty page plays music when it loads.)

  7. The Django Book: Version 2.0 (English)

    Lets people attach comments to individual paragraphs. Quite nicely done compared to some similar implementations (eg, BookGlutton, CommentPress).

  8. Requirements for an invoice | Business Link

    Not thrilling, but useful and clearly presented, for UK businesses.

  9. Preoccupations: Our work (so far) this year

    Going to talk to those pupils was great fun and this describes how incredibly lucky and clever they are. Very impressive (David and them, not me).


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    And now reading @benterrett is making me all excited. I like 2009.

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    @russelldavies makes me excited. In a clean way.

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    I can't believe I'm having to learn the No Drinking On School Nights lesson all over again. How old am I? Idiot. A washout of a day.

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    It's a shame that the Flickr/Getty Images tie-up is incompatible with Creative Commons. One or other. CC for me.