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2008-10-02 (Thursday)


  1. YouTube - Daily Show - Federal Bail Out

    I could link to the Daily Show every day but here Jon Stewart *really* gets going on Congress. If you only have two minutes to spare, skip to 2:30 for a very fine, and justified, rant. Can we clone him for the UK?

  2. One hundred push ups

    A training program to get you working up to doing one hundred press ups. I love that such focused and detailed things exist.

  3. Related Entries in Movable Type | Devlounge

    How to do a “related entries” block on individual entry archives. Requires that you use tags.

  4. Billings 3 / journal / hicksdesign

    Review of a Mac-based invoicing/time-keeping thing. (via Daring Fireball)

  5. UUA: Deep Fun

    A good source of games to play with groups of people, ideal as ice-breakers. (via Cool Tools)

  6. William Heath’s blog » A place to live

    William Heath is looking for a place to create a “co-housing” project - people living slightly communally. The search is interesting.

  7. The Official Star Wars Blog » I Left My Star Destroyer in San Francisco

    I saw this linked to everywhere and didn’t watch it. Just more Star Wars stuff. But I finally succumbed and it’s *very* good. I love that the footage is so casual and amateur.

  8. Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware

    I had no idea there was open source alternative software for MP3 players, including early iPods. (via Boing Boing)

  9. Mycrocosm

    “A web service that allows you to share snippets of information from the minutiae of daily life in the form of simple statistical graphs.” Like Daytum? Love it. (via Haddock)


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    I'm not sure a cheery bit of nostalgia featuring police vs miners' strike battle lines is entirely appropriate for selling Hovis...?

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    @benterrett Our local library loaned us The Wire. Worth a try?

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    Off to another audition, for the part of Death, wearing my favourite suit, looking mean.

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    Wearing a woolly hat indoors. Don't think the centralised heating has quite got up to speed yet. Takes a few days.

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    Yay, email from @maryloosemore in Hotan, in Xinjiang Province. All is well.