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2011-06-29 (Wednesday)

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  1. Walton on the Naze Goods Yard and Shed 2011 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    These are all fascinating, thanks Stuart. I had no idea that car park used to have train tracks on…


  1. The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle - Technology - GOOD

    Kids today are going to go through so many handles, unless they’re all just using their names. Which is what I do these days. I’m just me now. (via Kottke)

  2. Flickr: Faces illuminated by Displays

    I love seeing faces lit up by screens at night. A beautiful and only modern sight. (via The New Aesthetic)

  3. Fear And Monocles — Broken Toys

    Mainly for the video of the “Jita Microtransaction Riot, 6/24/11”. Future. (via Tom Insam)


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    I do like the new Google design. Refreshing. I hope News, Reader, Mail, Calendar etc get similar makeovers. #twittersnotjustformoaning

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    @blech @megpickard I hate the Snap things but I, ahem, find the hover-pop-ups on Pepys’ Diary useful. Depends on context/implementation?

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    @alicebartlett Two types of pasta?

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    @AnnieFeighery Something like ?

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    @simonth Mmmmmmmmm.

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    All tasks completed or re-scheduled. Soon: Munich / Berlin / Paris.

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    For gentlemen of high forehead Justin Bieber hair has provided a new lease of life for the combover.

    Islington, England, United Kingdom