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2009-08-07 (Friday)


  1. Preoccupations: Berlin

    I keep meaning to go to Berlin, and David’s collected some great tips and links and background.

  2. Read it and weep: Evan Williams of Twitter on Newsnight - the transcript | Technology |

    What’s more depressing: The bored inanity of the Newsnight interview? That an event this unimportant is reported by the Guardian? Or the Guardian’s relentlessly anti-Twitter commenters? Tough call.

  3. Free Movies: Watch movies online legally

    A bunch of full “indie” movies to watch online. Looks like there might be some good stuff.

  4. Senator Charles Grassley on the costs of health care (C-SPAN video)

    In case you missed the clips on The Daily Show, here’s the full video of Grassley’s bizarre cartoon-powered Arthurian mixed metaphors. It’s stunning that this nonsense happens in government.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Just bought Drop7. Figure it must be a doddle if @schulze is good at it.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Manually cropping and resizing 245 images would drive me mad if it was for work. When it's for my own project it's almost relaxing.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @fidothe wireframe stencils are good, or the Yahoo ones