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2008-10-29 (Wednesday)


  1. Ghostly fingers of APIs

    I created a graphic showing all the bits of my online life that update each other.


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  1. Yes We Can remix: Lee Dorsey’s funk classic meets Obama speech - Boing Boing

    In a similar vein to the Z-Trip mix is King Most’s excellent Obamix:…



  1. LRB · Mark Greif: You’ll Love the Way It Makes You Feel

    Great article on ‘Mad Men’, nailing some (but not all) of the things that annoy me about it. But so many people rave about it, despite all this, that we’re going to try again…

  2. Jackets from Scottevest - Vests and Jackets by SeV - Men’s and Women’s Jacket Store

    Good looking jackets designed for geeks with requirements for many, many pockets. Shame it’s mail order only. (via TUAW)

  3. Beanstalk — Version Control with a Human Face

    Hosted Subversion. Looks very nice. (via TUAW)

  4. Versions - Mac Subversion Client (SVN)

    Nice looking Subversion client for the Mac (er, like it says). (via TUAW)

  5. Back to the Garden: 1958 TV show on Global Warming!

    It’s more than a little galling to see a TV programme from 1958 explaining global warming. We’re only doing something about it now!? (via Boing Boing)

  6. Sweetcron - The Automated Lifestream Blog Software

    Self-hosted aggregation of things you do elsewhere on the web. Not convinced about the design of the example. You have to sign up to find out more. Oh well.

  7. ReBlog by Eyebeam R&D

    A way of aggregating RSS feeds and publishing them through weblog software. All a bit vague.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    On the cutting edge: just bought a floppy disk drive.