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2011-12-27 (Tuesday)


  1. Google Maps Free Alternatives « Fubra

    A nice summary of the alternatives to Google Maps. I don’t do this stuff frequently enough to keep up.

  2. Why (and how) we’ve switched away from Google Maps - Nestoria Blog

    A nice explanation of Nestoria switching from Google Maps to OSM with MapQuest, Leaflet and Mapstraction. Also worth it for the paragraph on Google’s poor salesmanship.

  3. Michael Neill reviews ‘Medicinal Cannibalism…’ … and ‘Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires’ … · LRB 1 December 2011

    About “mummy”, the processed remains of humans that was considered a valuable medicine as recently as the 19th century. (Subscribers only)

  4. WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting from WP Engine

    Looks good, with some nice features. But not cheap compared to more generic hosting options. (via Brett Terpstra)

  5. Around City of London in Colour aka London Scenes - British Pathe

    Some nice bits of (silent) colour film of the City of London from 1961. (Thanks Mum!)