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2009-10-29 (Thursday)


  1. Playdar - Music Content Resolver

    The idea is to play any song that’s available on your computer or anywhere online. Requires compiling. Oh well.

  2. Diagnose and Prevent AJAX Performance Issues - dynaTrace AJAX Edition

    Tool for “diagnosing and preventing AJAX performance issues”. Annoyingly on Windows, for Internet Explorer, but free and could be useful. (via Yoz)

  3. Mu — Mu Connect

    A JavaScript library for making interaction with Facebook Connect easier. Which I somehow didn’t find when it would have been useful to me.

  4. Video Monkey

    “A free video encoding application exclusively for Mac … it borrows heavily from the Visual Hub video conversion tool.” (via Yoz)


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    No, getting a cold isn't really going to help at this point. I already have one bug to fix. (See what I did there!?)

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    If only I hadn't bought that 14.4 modem fifteen years ago, I wouldn't be here now.

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    @macintosh The scotch eggs on Whitecross St market have runny yolks.

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    Considering a move to the country and taking up lino printing for a simpler life. Or have Microsoft started making lino now too?