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2010-10-18 (Monday)


  1. The Pope and the Axis of Terror

    Adam Curtis on the manufacturing of the idea of a “global terror network” from the 1970s to today. Fascinating story, worth the time to read. Shame the BBC’s video clips are only in Flash though.

  2. Belstaff | Official Website

    Heavily retro rather than futury, although there’s still something slightly SF about some of the jackets. Also, the coat Sherlock wore.

  3. Saul Griffith and Jonathan Bachrach’s algorithmically-designed “DARPA Hoodie” - Boing Boing

    Interesting. Want to find more modern/future-y but still wearable clothes. Any ideas? (via @GreatDismal)

  4. Dataists

    “Our goal is to bring well-written articles on big data processing, statistics and statistical programming, and machine learning to one place.” (via BERG)

  5. Evom - Convert and Download Videos to iTunes

    “Download internet videos (YouTube and more) to iTunes and iPod.” Handy. (via Ben Hammersley and more)


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    Fear I'll have to give @shiftrunstop's games night a miss. Feeling rotten :( Have fun everyone, see you at #srs100

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    Trying to keep the paper, felt-tip and Pritt Stick wireframes the correct side of the speedy/eccentric divide.

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    Not sure if it was yesterday's delicious fry-up, the delicious pork pie, or the delicious beer, but something monkeyed with my insides.

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    @megpickard I forget people have browser home pages. Blank for me. #twitvoxpop

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    Only had 28 hours in the countryside, but having a hard time getting used to the ideas of "London", "work", "traffic", "people", "grey".