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2009-09-02 (Wednesday)


  1. BackupMyTweets Home: Backup Your Twitter Account

    I suppose backing one bit of the cloud up to another unaccountable, third-party bit of it is better than nothing, but…

  2. RipIt

    I used this to rip some DVDs a couple of weeks ago and it Just Worked, where others failed.

  3. Untitled on Vimeo

    A (low quality) video history of HotWired, HotBot, etc. up to 1998 or so.


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    Waving a distant goodbye to Carson City's lockups with @yoz and @jamescronin. Rather wish I was joining them at BM this year. Next time...

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    Finished with a day of staring at the computer. Now for an evening of staring at the computer. I need spare eyes.

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    Working from home eases post-holiday angst. Progress is being made. Wearing shorts and sandals, pretending it's summer. Toenails going blue.

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    @yoz @jamescronin @minor9th Have fun and be careful (only at the right moments)!