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2008-04-19 (Saturday)


  1. Kbinstuff -perl, Unicode/utf8,, apache, mod_perl and MySQL 

    My Perl scripts were never fetching UTF8 strings from a UTF8 database. Much cursing later, I found this reference to doing $dbh->(“mysql_enable_utf8”) = 1. Seems to work. Finally. Grr.

  2. Postcard from Provence ◊ a painting a day ◊ a daily painting blog

    He paints a painting every day and then auctions it. Lovely paintings. Something like this has been my exit strategy for a while (assuming I found time to improve at painting/drawing/etc). (via Textism)

  3. Cityofsound: Monocle: design notes

    Dan Hill’s fantastic description of the design decisions that went into the Monocle website. Lovely to see a site that manages to be distinctive but still classy.

  4. TweetDumpr

    Exports all your Twitters to a CSV file. (via MegP)

  5. Vote Match

    Help to decide who to vote for in the London elections. For me it says: Paddick, Livingstone, Left List, Greens… Still hard to decide. (via Haddock)

  6. Your London - Living

    “This website lets you search for food businesses across London to find out the hygiene rating they achieved from their last food hygiene inspection.” Am I Being Poisoned Or Not? (via Haddock)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Enjoying a rare relaxing Saturday morning without rehearsals. Pottering.