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2008-07-28 (Monday)


  1. Love and hate

    My time at LISPA is over and while it’s been good, it’s too soon to know just how I’ve changed.

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  1. “Travellers Back in Time”

    I collected all the fiction mentioned in the Kottke and Marginal Revolution posts about “How would you survive if you travelled back to 1000AD?” and made them into an Amazon Listmania list.

  2. Marginal Revolution: Time travel back to 1000 A.D.: Survival tips

    The post that resulted in Jason’s post. Yet more conflicting but interesting ideas about how you’d survive. (via Kottke)

  3. Survival tips for the Middle Ages

    Completely awesome stuff. I’ve thought about this kind of thing loads since I was a kid - how would you cope if you travelled back in time? Lots of conflicting ideas there.

  4. Last Call, Bohemia: Entertainment & Culture:

    Christopher Hitchens on gentrification, New York’s West Village, London’s Soho, etc. (via Kottke, yes I’m catching up on a lot of Kottke)

  5. Chris Gilmour

    Wonderful lifesize (I assume) sculptures of everyday objects (bikes, cars, dentist’s chair, etc.) made entirely out of cardboard. (via Kottke)

  6. Ten Books on Investing Recommended by Warren Buffett | Business Pundit

    I love lists of books recommended by people who know what they’re talking about. (via Kottke)

  7. iSquint - iPod Video Made Easy.

    Free converter for making video into iPod/iPhone-friendly video. (via Haddock)

  8. Google LatLong: Pound the pavement

    Google Maps can now give you walking directions. A quick couple of comparisons in London showed it doesn’t know about as many pedestrian-only alleys etc as Yet. (via City of Sound)


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    Glad I only went next door for dinner, even if the service was a little curt: we now have your English rain.

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    Too hot to have walked several miles (some in the wrong directions) around a city. Retreating to the coolness of the flat for the afternoon.