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2009-02-20 (Friday)



  1. Article Skimmer

    NY Time’s prototype news viewer. Nice idea but it equalises the importance of all but one of the stories. I want a newspaper to tell me what it thinks is important (even if it’s wrong). Otherwise it’s not a newspaper, it’s a database.

  2. Datamoshing

    This stuff is awesome… ten years ago we wouldn’t be able to see this as anything but an ugly mistake. In a couple more years it’ll look really dated. It’s now, yesterday’s future here.

  3. Child’s-eye view of Edwardian Ipswich - Evening Star 24

    Part one of my grandad’s memories of growing up in Ipswich in the early 1900s.


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    @RobertBrook I know, there should be a way... but it's very manual, requires Movable Type login, I'm a perfectionist, etc. Slow but sure...

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    500ish comments on Pepys' Diary truncated by encoding errors in an old database move. Someone's marked them for me. My job to correct them..

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    @dotcode Who was it twittering about being unable to cope with FTP the other day... Oh yes, I remember. Have you mastered Notepad yet?

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    Hmm, BBC iPlayer radio console asking me for passwords for the staging servers. Oops.