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2009-02-09 (Monday)


  1. Facing up to Fonts | Slides and notes

    Interesting presentation on which fonts are available to use on the web, and how best to specify combinations of them. (via Blech)

  2. Recreating the button | stopdesign

    Doug Bowman on how buttons were developed on Google apps. Good HTML/CSS cleverness. (via Simon Willison)

  3. YouTube - Band of Brothers (BOB) gets Pwned in Alliance Trounament 4

    I’d never seen commentary on a game before. I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s still somehow thrilling. (via Oblinks)

  4. Breaking: Goonfleet stomps Band of Brothers in biggest EVE takedown ever

    “Can you smell that? That sort of eau du ozone, rubber, and dust? That smell is the goddamn future, friends. We are, all of us, finally living in the world our grandfathers wrote pulp novels about.”


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    Like @genmon, my email's been down for a few hours now. Unusual for Tuffmail but no less frustrating.

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    Today: At home working on some stuff for me.

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    Final (probably) Twitterific moan: Looks like it will only jump to the most recent tweets if you view all tweets expanded. Oh well.