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  1. JPMorgan plans Europe HQ in Canary Wharf - International Herald Tribune

    Yay, they’ve ditched plans for their massive HQ on London Wall, which would have destroyed some of the public highwalks. (Three weeks old.)

  2. BBC News | England | London | Smithfield market plans refused

    A couple of weeks old. Phew. I’m not against redevelopment if it’s not going to be more glass offices and same-old shops.

  3. Last Call, Bohemia: Entertainment & Culture:

    Christopher Hitchens on gentrification, New York’s West Village, London’s Soho, etc. (via Kottke, yes I’m catching up on a lot of Kottke)

  4. LRB · Iain Sinclair: The Olympics Scam

    Very good long article on the 2012 London Olympics and its effect on East London. I was getting won over by the Olympics until this reminded me how I really feel.

  5. Frobisher Crescent : Coming Soon

    Work has started on 69 new studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed flats in the Barbican. Pointless un-informative Flash site.

  6. 285 - London’s Lost Rivers « Strange Maps

    Idea for public art project: Brass markings on roads, pavements, buildings, etc. that mark the path of the rivers that are now hidden. (via Ted Mills)

  7. Drivers of Change

    A thing from Arup that would be directly up the street of me eight years ago. And maybe sometime in the future. (via City of Sound)

  8. Corporation of London - Development & planning - Planning applications

    Proposal to create a brand new flat at the bottom of one of the Barbican towers, in a “void space”. See the PLANNING REPORT for some pics.

  9. CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Disappearing World of Soho’s Independent Record Shops

    I was on Berwick St the other day, but didn’t go down far enough to see the demolition opposite Somerfield. I so hope they hang on, but then I buy MP3s over CDs whenever I can, so… (via Alan Connor)

  10. Vote Match

    Help to decide who to vote for in the London elections. For me it says: Paddick, Livingstone, Left List, Greens… Still hard to decide. (via Haddock)

  11. Your London - Living

    “This website lets you search for food businesses across London to find out the hygiene rating they achieved from their last food hygiene inspection.” Am I Being Poisoned Or Not? (via Haddock)

  12. BSA Actor Training

    Part-time courses in London from somewhere I haven’t heard of. (I keep meaning to collate such places in a post. One day.)

  13. We Are The Lambeth Boys

    Really, really lovely 1959 documentary by Karel Reisz about young men and women at a London youth club. Fascinating for both similarities and differences to now. Do watch. 49 mins.

  14. Cityofsound: Robin Hood Gardens is not the same as a digital model of Robin Hood Gardens

    Dan Hill’s excellent summary of the protest going on over plans to demolish the London housing estate. I hope they renovate rather than destroy.

  15. GeeKyoto2008 - 17 May 2008

    Just booked my ticket. Clever people getting together at the Conway Hall “to discuss the future and how we’ll live in it.”

  16. MySociety » Travel-time maps

    Very, very tasty interactive London maps looking at travel times and house prices. (via Haddock)

  17. Interview: ‘Eine’ and the letters he paints on east London shop shutters | I Shot the Deputy

    I’ve been meaning to look up the story behind the letters I cycle past every day, and a photo by Alice prompted me to do so.

  18. Demonstration at St Pancras International, 14 - 11- 2007 — Camden Cycling Campaign

    One of the downsides of the new station: stupid little bike racks (obviously designed years ago by someone who never used a bike) a long way from anywhere useful.

  19. YouTube - Today’s Special 1 - Tea Rooms

    Lovely, too-short film about a now-closed caff in London. See also part 2 (New Piccadilly) and 3 (Eldon Street). Criminal that these places are all disappearing. (via Haddock)

  20. Moving Target: Cyclist-killing lorry driver fined £300

    Yes, the lorry driver must feel awful, but he wasn’t looking where he was going while steering an HGV round a corner. Only a 300 quid fine for killing someone!? Motorists get away with so much while driving dangerous machines.

  21. London Print Studio - courses

    Would love to do this if I found more hours in the day. Was thinking more of lino/wood cuts though. (via Rodcorp)

  22. Kultureflash - Headlines from London

    Nice looking online mag of interesting things to do in London. Not that I’ll get round to many of them. (via Haddock)

  23. Wahaca - Mexican market eating

    New Mexican place on Chandos Place in Covent Garden. Haven’t been. Yet.

  24. Memoryshare

    The Time When, which I built as an prototype for the BBC, has now been re-done internally as Memoryshare.

  25. Mucho Mas: the finest hand-rolled burritos - new Mexican restaurant in Islington, London

    Yay, opening on Upper Street in August. I also need to check out the Mexican place on Exmouth Market.

  26. Coudal Partners - The 2012 Olympic Logo: A Rant: London Broil

    I hate the ‘London’ text, and I’m *slightly* nervous about it overall, but generally I agree with every point here. By 2012 the logo will be a familiar friend and few people will hate it. Certainly better than the usual naff Olympic logos. (via Haddock)

  27. Skoob Homepage

    Skoob Books (good second hand bookshop) is back at the Brunswick Centre at last.

  28. London’s lack of Mexican (Phil Gyford: Writing)

    Someone is looking to get involved in “the next big growth market” of Mexican/Latin American food with “funding/strategic development” help.

  29. CABE - Design review reports - New Milton Court

    Thoroughly scathing review by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment of the now rejected plans for the Barbican’s Milton Court.

  30. The Actor Works » Home

    Acting school in London that a friend is currently at.

  31. :: View topic - Milton Court - the tower has been rejected

    Excellent — the proposed plan to redevelop the Barbican’s Milton Court has been “sent back” by the planning committee.

  32. All Discussions - London Fixed Gear & Single Speed

    Bicycles. Mostly seem to know each other from real life. Uses Vanilla.

  33. Hide & Seek

    Pervasive gaming weekend based on the South Bank this weekend. Sounds a lot of fun; I’d go if I was in town. (via Haddock)

  34. BBC On This Day | 24 | 1956: Plans unveiled for homes in Barbican

    Wonderful video from 1956 showing the site now occupied by the Barbican, and a gentleman demonstrating an incomprehensible perspex model of an early plan.

  35. Building - 4861 - Milton Court - London

    Current plan: destroy unique building (even if its beauty is debatable) and replace with dull glass tower. At least it’s residential and Guildhall School rooms, but still, it hugely annoys me.

  36. This time, only world class will do - Building Design

    “If Milton Court on the Barbican Estate must go, its replacement has to be much, much better.” Current plans are very dull and, worse, destroy the current walkway link to the Barbican and surrounding buildings.

  37. Good dim sum in London? | Ask MetaFilter

    Lots of places I’ve never heard of (which isn’t surprising). (via ChrisDodo)

  38. Russell Davies: a possible date for your diary

    A one-day London conference on interesting things. Could be excellent, although the flood of enthusiastic comments from advertising people don’t get my hopes up.

  39. Actors Temple

    Meisner-based acting teaching in London, with an unusually nifty website too, even if their name seems to have lost an apostrophe somewhere.

  40. Image: Architect scales back Smithfield plans - Building

    Some good news about the redevelopment of the west end of Smithfield Market, but hard to tell exactly how good.

  41. Borough Market - Network Rail and current ‘Save the Borough Market’ petitions

    If you get a forwarded email about saving Borough Market, email the sender this and tell them to stop scaremongering. No one wants to get rid of the market (just run another railway above it).

  42. The Fate of the Artist - Alan Moore’s London

    Eddie Campbell on the photographic references he used to draw ‘From Hell’. (via Rodcorp)

  43. London Theatre Blog

    Looks like good stuff. (via Encore Theatre Magazine)

  44. Telegraph | News | London-on-Sea: the future of a city in decay

    Map of how much of London may flood. Run for the hills. (via Haddock)

  45. The London School of Osteopathy

    Someone at college was recommending these folks as a reasonably cheap way of getting a work-over. For future reference.

  46. eG Forums -> Best Pastry/Cake shops in London?

    Mmmmm… cake. To my shame I haven’t even heard of most of these. Must explore… (via ChrisDodo)

  47. Theatre of All Possibilities - Gallery

    Interesting-looking London/Santa Fe theatre company, and these videos hint at doing interesting things with computer generated stuff.

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