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2008-08-20 (Wednesday)


  1. Movable Type 4.2

    Upgrading to the latest version of MT isn’t advised until fixes are released.



  1. Foundation for the Future

    “Was established with the mission to increase and diffuse knowledge concerning the long-term future of humanity.” Less long-term than Long Now is, but perhaps more focused?

  2. You’re not helping | MetaTalk

    Oh, apparently I shouldn’t have posted that (to me) fascinating question because it’s too hypothetical. Shame. Seems more interesting than “How do I fix my Mac”, etc.

  3. What to do now to improve the human race in the long term? | Ask Metafilter

    After reading ‘Last and First Men’ I’ve been wondering this, so I asked Metafilter.

  4. Scarytree Films - Here Comes Funky Kazoo

    My friend Mark’s rather nice short film, in which I make a very brief and silent appearance.

  5. JPMorgan plans Europe HQ in Canary Wharf - International Herald Tribune

    Yay, they’ve ditched plans for their massive HQ on London Wall, which would have destroyed some of the public highwalks. (Three weeks old.)

  6. BBC News | England | London | Smithfield market plans refused

    A couple of weeks old. Phew. I’m not against redevelopment if it’s not going to be more glass offices and same-old shops.

  7. Newspapers and magazines - Digital National library of Serbia

    Scanned and browsable issues, from the avant-garde ‘Zenit’ to ‘Advanced Beekeeping’. Awesome (especially if you read Serbian).

  8. Income Gap and Marginal Tax Rate 1917-2006 at Visualizing Economics

    Ouch. Difference in income for rich and poor in the US over the past century, compared to the tax rate.

  9. Twitter / novelsin3lines

    I’m very much enjoying the 1906 French news summaries by Félix Fénéon (and not just because I wrote it up as an idea myself a while back). Lovely writing.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Phew. Long day of tidying up locations on the Pepys site, tidying up code, and listening to loud 90s guitars.

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    "I'm lost in music-uh, Lost in music-uh, HIIIIDEaway, Snag table top snag, Dip dip dip refurbishment of pubs, In the hideaway..."