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2009-04-05 (Sunday)

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  1. UK TV series map on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Bristol - Skins, Being Human, Teachers.Liverpool - The Liver Birds. Oodles of London ones here but…


  1. G20: Did police containment cause more trouble than it prevented? | World news |

    “…people thinking about embarking on demonstrations in the future may have to decide whether they want to be effectively locked up for eight hours without food or water and, when leaving, to be photographed and identified.” I’m increasingly disliking this country. (via Preoccupations)

  2. Indymedia London | Videos | Show | film of police attack on G20 climate camp

    There have been worse examples of police violence, but this still isn’t good. (via Boing Boing)

  3. Streetphoto :: View topic - G20 riot posed photo

    A good description of how scenes like the two guys smashing the windows of a branch of RBS surrounded by photographers happen. (via Moleitau on Twitter)

  4. April Fool Funeral at Improv Everywhere

    For the clip of the US TV news show lifting an April Fool from the Improv Everywhere site and reporting it as if it was real, without doing any checking.


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    Maybe the first episode of 'Red Riding' wasn't what I needed to cheer myself up. Going for a double '30 Rock' chaser. It's working already.

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    Wish I wasn't so scared of version control. I know it's good but I'm always worried things will break. @dotcode needs to beat sense into me.

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    Enjoying the upside of a sore throat: an entertainingly deep voice.