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  1. Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | Steve Rose on the renaissance of the Brunswick Centre

    And the history of the its birth. It looks lovely now, and could only be improved by the reappearance of Skoob Books and by calling it the “Brunswick Centre” instead of the “Brunswick”. Stupid pointless re-branding. (via Blech)

  2. Walk It - A step in the right direction

    Fantastic. Gives you walking directions from A to B in central London. Google et al only do driving directions, which are very different. (via Haddock)

  3. Flickr: Archive of Strand Building Hackney’s photos posted to Flickr on 16th July 2006

    The Strand Building, where I used to live, has finally had its central courtyard remodelled (necessary due to leakage into the garage below). Beautifully done, although the fountain looks odd.

  4. LRB | David Edgar : Stalking Out

    Review of a John Osborne biography with lots of interesting history about 1950s/60s London theatre, especially ‘Look Back in Anger’, Stratford East, and the Royal Court, and whether theatre was shaken up or not.

  5. Mallow street skyscraper - a photoset on Flickr

    Ridiculously huge skyscraper planned for right next to Old Street roundabout. Only a few days left to get objections in to the planning people. (via Haddock)

  6. London Tube Map With Distance Grids

    The conventional tube map with geographic distortions shown by a bendy grid. (via Tom Carden)

  7. Flickr: The London Flickr Scavenger Hunt

    Nice treasure hunt idea — you’re given a set of photos and, I think, you have to go and take identical ones around London. There’s one tomorrow.

  8. Flickr: Photos tagged with mstr

    Museum Street Tea Rooms. Some things are destined to get Flickr’d a lot.

  9. LRB | Rose George : Diary

    Subscribers-only or pay-for, but an interesting account of going into London’s sewers. She’s working on a book about human waste…

  10. Transport for London Cycle Journey Planner

    Matthew Somerville does it again. Simple interface to get cycling directions across London from Transport for London’s journey planner.

  11. London’s lack of Mexican (Phil Gyford: Writing)

    My page on there being no decent Mexican food in London has spawned its own mailing list for those interested. Yum!

  12. Dorian moore : Dalston to Old Street

    Like a slow and clunky (in a good way) east London version of that movie where a guy drives across Paris insanely quickly.

  13. Royal Festival Hall | Information Pages

    The RFH are selling mats made out of the 1950s carpet they took up for their refurbishment. Nice, but £55.

  14. Actors & Writers London

    Someone emailed to point me at this and I’ll lose it if I don’t link to it. Fortnightly rehearsed readings of new plays.

  15. John Lewis Partnership - First Openings for Waitrose in Scotland

    Our local Somerfield (ex-Morrisons, ex-Safeway) is to change again, in June, into a Waitrose. Much rejoicing among Barbican residents who have clamoured for more middle-class groceries for an amusingly long time.

  16. Flickr: ludd’s photos tagged with barbican

    Old models of the Barbican, a map and a photo of what the Barbican replaced.

  17. Travel Time Tube Map (Built with Processing)

    Not sure how I missed this Tom Carden awesomeness before. Beats other tube maps into cocked hats. (via Haddock)

  18. London Centre for Theatre Studies

    Year-long, 40 hours per week (over 4 days) acting course for mature students. Sounds very intense.

  19. Map1.pdf

    Map of the Barbican from Frank Harris estate agents attempting to show the raised walkways. Very misleading in a lot of places however.

  20. The Questors Theatre - Acting at the Questors

    “The largest amateur theatre in Europe”

  21. Improbable Show - DEVOTED AND DISGRUNTLED What are we going to do about theatre?

    A friend enthusiastically told me this was a really good event. Certainly lots of discussion there.

  22. Digitally Distributed Environments: London Google Earth 1690

    One day we’ll be able to view reality augmented with what the space looked like centuries ago. Until then, try this Google Earth map overlay. Awesome. (via Haddock)

  23. Digitally Distributed Environments

    Weblog with, currently, lots of models of London buildings for Google Earth.

  24. London Theatre and Concert Venues: What theatregoers tell you, that box office staff do not.

    Loads of info about shows: reviews and loads of detail about the seats to book or avoid. (via Haddock)

  25. Barbicansalvage : Barbican Salvage

    There’s now a salvage store for Barbican residents wanting to offload or fix their original fittings. Not sure why it’s a Yahoo! Group, but still. Photos of retro kitchen fittings.

  26. Cityofsound: Savile Row and tailoring urban fabric

    Great post from Dan about how developers/landlords squander centuries of space-specific history and community in favour of short-term profit.

  27. Digitally Distributed Environments: Global Warming - London Flooding

    A movie showing the effects of rising sea levels on a model of London.

  28. Digitally Distributed Environments: Flooding London Panorama

    Photoshopped panorama of a flooded Charlotte Street in London. It’ll look much less prettier when/if it really happens! (via Tom Carden)

  29. Merchandise - OpenStreetMap

    Very nice large map of plotted GPS data in London, only ten quid. Even better, raises money for OpenStreetMap. (via Tom Carden)

  30. Royal Festival Hall

    I’m not sure when it redesigned, but I’m really liking the RFH’s site. Beautiful.

  31. Innocent in London

    Fascinating and scary account of being arrested for acting very slightly suspiciously. I don’t want to go out.

  32. DaddyDonkey

    Poor website, delicious burritos. In London! (Leather Lane market.)

  33. London Pirate Radio Listings

    Loads of them, slightly varying formats.


    Cookery school based near Liverpool Street

  35. Flickr: Photos from StefZ

    Great photos of London. I must get out more.

  36. | Love It, Fear It | 2005-01-27

    A play in London with a segment about a Brit finding Houston weird. I’m so going.

  37. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | G2: Leo Benedictus profiles the immigrant communities of London

    At bottom of page: related articles and particularly fabulous maps of the city by ethnicity and religion…

  38. Memorial Tiling on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    If you’ve seen the film ‘Closer’… it’s really there! (But don’t look if you haven’t - spoiler!)

  39. LondonFreeList - free and nearly free in London

    Ongoing and daily events of many different kinds (lectures, readings, films, festivals, etc).

  40. ARCUS SOFTWARE - CityGuide3D London

    Something I linked to a while back, but now rescued from the comment to a link on its own.


    The loudhailer man on Oxford Street.

  42. ifo Apple Store - Regent Street Grand Opening!

    I despair of humanity. Idiots fly around the world to sleep on the street for the opening of a shop.

  43. Centre Point, 101 New Oxford Street, London, West End, London - photos, history and background

    Be sure to follow the little link to read the history of the site’s planning permission.

  44. Subterranea Britannica: Sites: Bishopsgate Goods Station (Goodsyard)

    Interesting report on the history and future of the location, and it uses one of my photos (on the fourth page).

  45. The London Noise Map

    Click through to the ‘Interactive London Noise Map’. I’m speechless.

  46. Sunrise over London - a photoset on Flickr

    Some lovely shots with little landmarks.

  47. Fontus - London model

    3D map of central London.

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