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2008-06-29 (Sunday)


  1. MagCloud

    Self-publishing, publish-on-demand magazines. Send a PDF, and they handle printing, delivery, subscriptions, etc. Seems such an obvious idea now Derek Powazek and co have done this. (via Daring Fireball)

  2. Slides: Professional Frontend Engineering | Nate Koechley’s Blog

    A presentation that nicely describes a role that is close to some of what I do. Interesting to see new (in a larger scale) roles become identified and solidified. (via Infovore)

  3. Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds

    Lets you create tag clouds that are much more lovely than the usual. (via Blackbelt Jones)

  4. Phpmyfamily::home

    Allows people to collaborate on researching their family’s genealogy. Nice idea, but looks pretty ugly and confusing.

  5. Bottle Tracker - Baby Tracker Software by Trixie Tracker

    Anything this obsessive makes me feel much more relaxed about my levels of personal quantification. (via Kevin Kelly)

  6. 285 - London’s Lost Rivers « Strange Maps

    Idea for public art project: Brass markings on roads, pavements, buildings, etc. that mark the path of the rivers that are now hidden. (via Ted Mills)

  7. “Revolutions and State Collapse”

    I love this Listmania list, especially the first part of it with comments. Saw it ages ago but didn’t save it at the time.


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    Turning from one work project that won't die to another work project that won't die. Outside looks nice.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Scriptin then rehearsing gone well so far. Enjoying a few minutes sitting outside doing nothing before more.