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Links tagged with “london”

  1. London Pirate Radio Listings

    Loads of them, slightly varying formats.


    Cookery school based near Liverpool Street

  3. Flickr: Photos from StefZ

    Great photos of London. I must get out more.

  4. | Love It, Fear It | 2005-01-27

    A play in London with a segment about a Brit finding Houston weird. I’m so going.

  5. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | G2: Leo Benedictus profiles the immigrant communities of London

    At bottom of page: related articles and particularly fabulous maps of the city by ethnicity and religion…

  6. Memorial Tiling on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    If you’ve seen the film ‘Closer’… it’s really there! (But don’t look if you haven’t - spoiler!)

  7. LondonFreeList - free and nearly free in London

    Ongoing and daily events of many different kinds (lectures, readings, films, festivals, etc).

  8. ARCUS SOFTWARE - CityGuide3D London

    Something I linked to a while back, but now rescued from the comment to a link on its own.


    The loudhailer man on Oxford Street.

  10. ifo Apple Store - Regent Street Grand Opening!

    I despair of humanity. Idiots fly around the world to sleep on the street for the opening of a shop.

  11. Centre Point, 101 New Oxford Street, London, West End, London - photos, history and background

    Be sure to follow the little link to read the history of the site’s planning permission.

  12. Subterranea Britannica: Sites: Bishopsgate Goods Station (Goodsyard)

    Interesting report on the history and future of the location, and it uses one of my photos (on the fourth page).

  13. The London Noise Map

    Click through to the ‘Interactive London Noise Map’. I’m speechless.

  14. Sunrise over London - a photoset on Flickr

    Some lovely shots with little landmarks.

  15. Fontus - London model

    3D map of central London.

  16. Black and White Photography: London Tube Map

    Wonderful aerial photo view of London with the tube lines overlaid on top. Crossed off the to do list.

  17. City Lit’s September courses are now open for enrolment

    So if you’re in London, why not learn to do something other than stare into a computer? Hurry!

  18. The relevance of

    It’s, like, hard to understand. Innit.

  19. Broadway Market: Quality Speciality Variety

    The Saturday farmers’ market is getting bigger and better every week.

  20. Interesting but impossible to read map of Hackney’s crime hotspots

    They make the mistake of emphasising ward boundaries — which no one outside local politics knows — over roads.

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