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2008-12-05 (Friday)

Comments I've posted on other sites

  1. My First Website | Jason Santa Maria

    Here’s my first site from 1995. That size made more sense on a 640×480 monitor. Obviously, I’d just…


  1. Haddock Events

    We’ll be using a Upcoming group (private membership, publicly viewable) to collate interesting events. Feel free to let me know if we miss something.

  2. Schneier on Security: The Future of Ephemeral Conversation

    “The younger generation chats digitally, and the older generation treats those chats as written correspondence. … until we have a Presidential election where both candidates have a complete history on social networking sites from before they were teenagers — we aren’t fully an information age society.” (via Oblinks)

  3. Outlet PHP ORM - Welcome

    I’ve just started using this. I needed something simple and lightweight and I think I like this. Still a little rough, but getting there.

  4. Remember to breathe: Catching up a bit

    I’m loving Eric’s account of being at LISPA. Nicely written and very reflective. He’s the father of someone I was there with until July, and is now doing the course himself!

  5. Friday’s Newspaper Front Pages | UK News | Sky News

    Gallery of (some) UK newspapers, with permalink to the day. (For current day go to UK News, then see link under ‘UK News in Pictures’ on right.

  6. - Newspapers From Around the World

    Browsable versions of newspapers from around the world (click country links in left column). Costs money to see much though.

  7. Sounds Familiar?

    More listenable accents and dialects, British, old and new, from the British Library.


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    Watching a TV programme you've never heard of that is better than anything you've seen.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Having dinner with people so intelligent you wouldn't even understand the inscriptions on their awards.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    I am at the pub with people so funny that everyone in the room has wet themselves. Twice. So have you.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    My commute is going so badly I'm still waiting for Tuesday's train. With at least four thousand people. The train will have no carriages.

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    The music I am listening to is so obscure that you haven't even heard of the language in which it is barked.

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    Today, more things have gone wrong for me than have gone wrong in the combined lives of you and your last eight direct ancestors.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    This week I have worked harder than you. My work has been to a higher standard than yours. My week has been longer than your week.

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    I've just bought something that you'd want if you'd heard of it.

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    I ate a larger and tastier lunch than you ate and I'm now more full than you've ever been.

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    I'm having a worse time than you're having.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    I'm having a better time than you're having.

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    Boast. Ask. Moan. Vaunt. Comment. Amuse. Brag. Point. Vent. Quote. Preen. Correct. Complain. Neologise. Wonder. Swagger. Assert. Advertise.