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2008-03-25 (Tuesday)


  1. Bottom of a locked filing cabinet

    More fun with BT Yahoo! attempts at helping people who can’t send email through their service.



  1. Alexandre Day

    I like these drawings. Verge slightly on the too twee, with those winsome eyes, but I love the marks. (via Drawn!)

  2. Archive Player - FourDocs - O Dreamland

    1953 Lindsay Anderson film about a fun fair in Margate. A bit dreamy, with sound added after the filming; no authorial voice over or interviews. (Click ‘Play’ button for tiny but full-length screening.)

  3. We Are The Lambeth Boys

    Really, really lovely 1959 documentary by Karel Reisz about young men and women at a London youth club. Fascinating for both similarities and differences to now. Do watch. 49 mins.


    Awesome little app by Simon Willison that shows you places near you from Wikipedia, using Yahoo! Fire Eagle. Makes me want an iPhone.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Thinking that mid-17th century England sounds like volumes of a fantasy series: The Interregnum, The Protectorate, The Restoration.

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    Wishing Muxtape would register listens with There must be a word to describe the wasting of metadata.

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    Listening to Molly's muxtape, Meg's next. Wishing Internet would stop making wonderful things I want to spend time playing with. No time!

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    Earned my red nose today. Now cycling to French's and maybe NT bookshop to find plays.

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    Dreamed I could just walk through an empty office, up a flight of stairs and emerge in San Francisco. Stayed in bed, missed first class.