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  1. Barbican - Explore Barbican

    90 minute guided tours of the Barbican, every couple of days for the rest of the year.

  2. Finsbury market trader wins battle to stop flats and shops grab | Islington Tribune

    From a couple of months ago about the derelict shops on Whitecross Street that are now up for auction for £3 million.

  3. 3 bedroom house for sale in St Pauls, St Pauls, EC1A

    Finally, I didn’t know that Christopher Wren church tower on Newgate Street, near St Paul’s, was a house. Only £4.5 million to you!

  4. 4 bedroom house for sale in 41 Cloth Fair, London, EC1A, EC1A

    I’m also fascinated by this huge £5.5 million house on Cloth Fair, just south of Smithfield Market. So big! So expensive!

  5. Commercial property for sale in 141-157 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JL, EC1Y

    Those derelict shops on Whitecross Street are up for auction, which sounds good. “Only” £3 million…

  6. IanVisits » London Underground’s “secret” tube station

    A fake tube station used for training staff in an office block. (via @jameswallis)

  7. Anthony Lau, Floating City 2030: Thames Estuary Aquatic Urbanism - a set on Flickr

    A project to visualise a floating city in the Thames Estuary. Lovely images. (via BLDGBLOG)

  8. Introducing play DJ Shadow’s “Endtroducing” | KOKO London

    Been wanting to see this for a while now, and looking forward to seeing it later this year. ‘Endtroducing’ played live on instruments.

  9. The Design of Understanding

    This looks like it’ll be good, Max Gadney’s one-day conference at St Bride Library in 2011 about “how ideas are designed to be more understandable”.

  10. The Solitary Life of Cranes - 4oD - Channel 4

    A beautiful documentary about what it’s like to work as a crane driver, looking down on London. And you can watch it. Free. The Internet is good.

  11. LRB · Charles Nicholl · ‘A Naughty House’

    Entertaining account of some early 17th century people and places around Whitecross Street, St John Street, Barbican.

  12. Live map of London Underground trains

    Lovely quick thing from Matthew Somerville, a map of where tube trains are right now. Moving. Live. Magic.

  13. Gangsinlondon

    Apparently the creator of those Google Maps of gangs, according to a Daily Telegraph article. Fascinating.

  14. Google Maps - englandgangs

    Maps of gang territories in London. No idea how accurate it is, etc. Interesting if it’s at all accurate. (via Tom Taylor)

  15. Scared To Dance

    Sounds very good: “a monthly club night in London playing indie pop, post-punk, C86, jangle pop, Sarah, Postcard, new wave and protopunk.”

  16. The day the music died - Vox

    Simon Wistow on the end of the UK bubble ten years ago.

  17. Capital FM Logos, 1999-2009 | Blog -

    I didn’t realise they’d been through so many logos so quickly (although the Sunny Day logo was, I’m sure, introduced before 1999).

  18. Dial 01 for London

    Lovely. Isn’t the internet fun sometimes. (via Crackunit)

  19. Design 1968 Journal - VADS: the online resource for visual arts

    A favourable period review of Britannic House, since revamped as City Point.

  20. Westminster City Council - The Life and Loves of a Victorian Clerk

    Least inspiring implementation yet of realtime-historical-diary-online? No RSS, links, weblog view. Does have pictures though. And pointless generic “Was this useful?” block.

  21. • View topic - Barbican Cinemas 2 and 3 to Close

    Due to close early 2010 and re-open two years later in the current Barbican Exhibition Hall. Sounds like a cock-up re guaranteeing Frobisher Crescent developers the current cinemas wouldn’t leak noise.

  22. Facebook | SAVE THE FOUNDRY CAMPAIGN !!! The Foundry - re-house/re-locate

    You can have all the fancy urban theories you like, but I’m increasingly thinking that if you don’t own lots of expensive property, you can’t control anything.

  23. K-punk: London litened

    A nice description from 2008 of a London where everyone is reading those bloody free newspapers. (via City of Sound)

  24. Click opera - Hanging gardens of Barbican

    Momus on growing to love the Barbican. (via Blackbeltjones)

  25. Cars parked illegally in bike lanes in London -

    It’s vehicles stopping in the advance cycle boxes that annoy me most, because it’s so easy not to do.

  26. County of london plan 1945 - a set on Flickr

    “excerpts from a small booklet explaining the ideas behind the official County of London Plan.” Lovely.

  27. IanVisits London Events Guide

    Fantastic guide of interesting things going on in London. I’d like an iCal file, but otherwise, handy stuff. (via Simon Willison)

  28. The Present Sound of London by Giles Turnbull - The Morning News

    I was sceptical about this — “I don’t have time to listen to sounds!” “I live in London, I don’t need to hear it through a computer!” — but it’s really quite lovely in its framing of brief moments of life. Would like to overhear more conversations, but I’m nosey.

  29. Taking a walk in the clouds - Times Online

    An article from 2004 by Bob Stanley on London’s raised pedestrian walkways. (via Blech)

  30. The City Of London Highwalks.

    Paul Mison’s starting some writing about the raised pedestrian walkways in the City of London. Good stuff.

  31. Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair « Mostly on McSweeney’s!

    A very nicely written set of notes about that discussion at the British Library a week ago. (via Blech)

  32. Stalled building sites in Square Mile to become allotments | News | Architects Journal

    Temporary grow bag allotments, but still, better than nothing. (But not as good as having Milton Court undemolished either.)

  33. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society - Vol 1 - 1666 by Various - Project Gutenberg

    Completely wonderful 17th century science. Fascinating subjects, beautiful titles (“A Relation of Persons killed with subterraneous Damps”) and gorgeous language.

  34. The London Gazette - Munday Septemb 3, to Munday Septemp 10, 1666

    Facsimiles of four pages of ‘The London Gazette’ reporting on the Great Fire of London. “Published by Authority”.

  35. YouTube - Unit Four Plus Two — Concrete and Clay

    1965(?) video for the song, filmed on the building site that was to become the Barbican.

  36. Royal Academy of Arts Events

    Podcast of Royal Academy talks, including all of this and last year’s ‘The Architects Who Made London’ lectures. Good stuff.

  37. London Underground Tube Diary - Going Underground’s Blog

    Inside those tube carriages you can see on top of a viaduct in Shoreditch. Shame the video’s no longer available. (via Blech)

  38. LISPA - School - Information - Film

    LISPA has a new website and a promotional film. The pictures at the top are people from my year, the film features people from the year above. Very strange, and lovely, to see and hear all this stuff again.

  39. All Change On Oxford Street.

    Paul Mison on planned improvements to the Oxford Street / Regent Street junction and the horror that is the junction by Centre Point. All looking good (but it’d be hard to be worse).

  40. G20 protest videos: Growing catalogue of evidence against police | UK news |

    As Charlie Brooker said on Newswipe, how come all the press and TV crews failed to catch the real story at the time. And they wonder why many of them are doomed. (via Tom Taylor)

  41. Richard Nicholson Photography - ‘Last One Out, Please Turn On the Light’

    Lovely and sad photos of disappearing darkrooms. A good accompaniment to those photos of Soho record shops that went round a while back. I miss darkrooms. (via Infovore)

  42. G20: Did police containment cause more trouble than it prevented? | World news |

    “…people thinking about embarking on demonstrations in the future may have to decide whether they want to be effectively locked up for eight hours without food or water and, when leaving, to be photographed and identified.” I’m increasingly disliking this country. (via Preoccupations)

  43. Indymedia London | Videos | Show | film of police attack on G20 climate camp

    There have been worse examples of police violence, but this still isn’t good. (via Boing Boing)

  44. Streetphoto :: View topic - G20 riot posed photo

    A good description of how scenes like the two guys smashing the windows of a branch of RBS surrounded by photographers happen. (via Moleitau on Twitter)

  45. Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: the kids are alright

    And while I’m at it, Chris’s post from a few weeks back. What kind of country are we living in now? We’ll need someone to invade the UK and “liberate” us soon.

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