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2009-03-27 (Friday)


  1. Video Game Downloads on FileFront

    Another site wiping oodles (apparently 48 terabytes) of user-generated/uploaded content. The “cloud” is the future you know. (via Waxy)

  2. Daring Fireball: Obsession Times Voice

    This “do the thing that interests you” advice (see also Tim O’Reilly) is all very well, but if you’re interested in lots and lots of things it doesn’t work nearly as well. You get spread too thinly.

  3. Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: the kids are alright

    And while I’m at it, Chris’s post from a few weeks back. What kind of country are we living in now? We’ll need someone to invade the UK and “liberate” us soon.

  4. London cops reach new heights of anti-terror poster stupidity - Boing Boing

    It’s hard to believe these posters aren’t some kind of parody. And it’s hard to react without using clichés (1984, Orwellian, etc).


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    Whenever I see this phrase on YouTube - This video is not available in your country - I shake my fist at a distant lawyer. That'll show 'em.

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    Really bored of failing to sell my PlayStation 2 to Computer Exchange for peanuts. If you happen to want one, do let me know.

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    It's strange how publicity goes in flurries. About to do a quick interview about Pepys for a womens' fashion magazine.

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    Has anyone seen my TextMate 'Find' window?

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    Home after a very quiet breakfast for two. Now to squash the last CSS bugs before the weekend begins (after a whole day and a half of work!)

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    the difference between lousy and busy is just a matter of keming.