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2009-04-17 (Friday)


  1. All Change On Oxford Street.

    Paul Mison on planned improvements to the Oxford Street / Regent Street junction and the horror that is the junction by Centre Point. All looking good (but it’d be hard to be worse).

  2. G20 protest videos: Growing catalogue of evidence against police | UK news |

    As Charlie Brooker said on Newswipe, how come all the press and TV crews failed to catch the real story at the time. And they wonder why many of them are doomed. (via Tom Taylor)

  3. The Long Now Blog » Blog Archive » All you need to jump start civilization…

    “On this one graphic is all the stuff you need to know to jump start a civilization (or get super rich if you travel back in time).” Fun.

  4. TV Writing - Pilot School

    Scripts for loads of pilot episodes of (mostly) US TV shows. (via John August)


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    Lucien Smuglunch seems to be saying "Our old business models won't work any more. We must MAKE them work not find new ones." #digitalbritain

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    @hondanhon's panel is now streaming live on Go Dan!

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    Buying and setting up a personal VPN from . Hoping I get a free tin foil hat.

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    @tomtaylor I mean more like everyone who's downloaded illegal torrents admit it publicly. Show how widespread it is.

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    Wondering if we need some kind of "I'm Spartacus" campaign re downloading torrents.

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    Off through the rain to breakfast!