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2009-06-03 (Wednesday)


  1. Twittering betimes

    Samuel Pepys is on Twitter but doesn’t have many friends. Here’s why you should be his friend.



  1. This is going into my “best ever” box of forum threads (Philosophistry)

    Great future-y thought experiment: “So many of our grandparents were racist, and some of out parents are homophobes. Which of our own closely held beliefs will our own children and grandchildren by appalled by?” (via Danhon)

  2. Minify - Google Code

    “Minify is a PHP5 app that can combine multiple CSS or Javascript files, compress their contents, and serve the results with HTTP encoding and headers that allow optimal client-side caching.” (via Dotcode)

  3. The London Gazette - Munday Septemb 3, to Munday Septemp 10, 1666

    Facsimiles of four pages of ‘The London Gazette’ reporting on the Great Fire of London. “Published by Authority”.

  4. The Online Photographer: The Leica as Teacher

    I like this idea. Despite the follow-up explaining why only a Leica will do, I’ve just bought a decent second hand 50mm lens for my old Pentax K1000 and may give this a go. (via Infovore)


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    I'm watching a Labour government disintegrating and it's depressing that I barely care about the result. They've wasted so many chances.

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    Well, PMQs certainly isn't 300-odd person hours that could be better spent on something useful, no siree.

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    Also tuning in to Prime Minister's Questions...

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    A post by me on why you might want to be @samuelpepys's friend: