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Writing tagged Misc

  1. The “stuff” we create

    I’ve rewritten the site moving from Movable Type and PHP to Django. It’s taken months of work over several years.

  2. Hello RSS people

    The RSS feeds might break when I change the site’s code soon.

  3. I’ll meet you in Cathedrals

    On the Fitzrovia/Bloomsbury border; Foursquare’s peculiar names for London neighbourhoods; and the Northbank and Midtown Business Improvement Districts.

  4. Board games for two players

    Board games that work well with two players, as suggested by people on twitter.

  5. My old HyperCard stack

    A HyperCard stack I made in the early 1990s can now be used in a web browser.

  6. US maps from 1963

    I scanned the covers of 66 maps that my mum collected while travelling across the USA in 1963.

  7. Some kettle suggestions

    I asked people to recommend kettles on Twitter. Here’s what they said.

  8. What isn’t an Incredible Journey?

    Is Twitter’s closure of Vine an Incredible Journey?

  9. The Shaolin Film Club

    What I can piece together about the mid-1990s film, music and computer games club.

  10. Folklore universe

    About a 2001 paper that looked at how creatures created on a gadget spread around a school, and how people fail to see beyond their own small network.

  11. A thought on job ads

    On recruiters’ emails that are really dull.

  12. Oh, this is so middle class

    My answer to a question on Quora.

  13. Missing things

    Missing things about the old Web.

  14. Fixed YouTube favourites

    YouTube favourites should appear in the big RSS feed again.

  15. Classic menswear blogs

    A list of the sites I read about tailoring.

  16. Temporary archiving’s terms of service include the right to delete anything and close without notice. Not really “the forever business” they promise.

  17. Tech’s tunnel vision

    Trying to imagine a less capitalist worldview for the tech industry.

  18. Booking reference

    When a booking reference isn’t a booking reference.

  19. Visit your nearest branch

    I tried to open a business bank account but it was surprisingly hard.

  20. A good morning on Twitter

    Some good stuff from Twitter over breakfast.

  21. What is an incredible journey?

    A duplicate of my post on Our Incredible Journey.

  22. Collective specular sodomy

    Thinking about how giving and accepting criticism is common in creative writing, design and acting courses, but less so in the workplace.

  23. 20th century email newsletters

    A look at some of the email newsletters I subscribed to in the 1990s.

  24. Moving servers

    Things are broken for a bit.