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Writing tagged Misc

  1. Wired Index

    The Wired Index is very similar to Wired UK’s advertising campaign from 1996.

  2. Pay-per-point

    Pay-per-view seems a bit rude when you want to show people things. Maybe pay-per-point would be nicer.

  3. Sieve filters

    My Sieve email filters, an example.

  4. Today’s Guardian feature requests

    The three most common feature requests for the Today’s Guardian website.

  5. Today’s Guardian

    The thinking behind my new Today’s Guardian website.

  6. Nothing else to do

    Sunday’s aren’t what they used to be, but Tony Hancock’s ‘A Sunday Afternoon At Home’ reminds us what they were.

  7. What have we today?

    Some clippings from the New Statesman’s ‘This England’ column from the early 1990s.

  8. Foods I craved

    Food I wanted when on holiday in Morocco with stomach trouble

  9. This is an outrage

    Frustration at both the Digital Economy Bill, but also at the Twitter echo chamber spouting nonsense about proceedings.

  10. SXSW 2010

    I had a good time at SXSW, despite the conference itself being a bit uninspiring.

  11. SXSW & NY

    I’m off to SXSW and then New York.

  12. Replace comments with letters pages

    Maybe we should replace commenting on popular websites with letters’ pages.

  13. News week, day 2

    I think I’m tackling the wrong problem with this project.

  14. News week, day 1

    Frustrated after only one day of this news project.

  15. Next week’s news

    What I plan to do next week: write a weekly news website.

  16. Small publishers of news

    Wondering whether there’s a future for small publishers of news.

  17. Looking for news

    Why I don’t read, watch or listen to any news, which isn’t a good thing.

  18. Pretend Office RSS feed improvements

    The feed now includes the full text of emails sent to the mailing list.

  19. Finishability

    BERG’s video about digital magazines mentions the importance of a magazine being finishable, which is also true for news.

  20. Making news easier to read online

    The New York Times Skimmer is an improvement over most newspaper websites, but it’s not there yet.

  21. Not too many buttons

    The problem with the OpenOfficeMouse isn’t too many buttons. It’s more fundamental.

  22. Flickr machine tags for film photos

    Creating Flickr machine tags to store information about photos taken on film.

  23. Haddock Blogs down for a bit is down for a bit, but the RSS feeds are now back up and running.

  24. Games have rules

    Frustrated by the lack of rules in Foursquare making me feel like a loser.

  25. A still more glorious dawn awaits

    Getting excited about outer space futures for the first time in years.