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2016-04-23 (Saturday)


  1. Folklore universe

    About a 2001 paper that looked at how creatures created on a gadget spread around a school, and how people fail to see beyond their own small network.


  1. Social Autopsy founder Candace Owens channels GamerGate in bizarre attack on Zoe Quinn :: We Hunted The Mammoth

    This gets more amazing the further you read. Things just get messier and messier. The ‘New York’ article linked to near the end is also good, and similar.

  2. Don’t Trust Your CMS — Following: How We Live Online

    On CMSs stripping formatting and how troublesome that can be. My first thought is “Why is this CMS so awful that the journalists aren’t writing and editing their own drafts in it?” (via @simonw)


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    @gwire I am shocked, SHOCKED, to see the Doctor dealing with Daleks accompanied by a young woman. Is there no end to this innovation?

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    @ludflu Well he’s not a bot, as in algorithmicly generated, so he’d probably be fine.

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    @morrick I shall travel back in time and silence them, one algorithm at a time, to save humanity’s future sanity.

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    I mute (nearly) all twitter bots.
    I am The Bot Muter.

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    “Intervision Song Contest… the Eastern Bloc equivalent to the Eurovision Song Contest” #IoT…

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    I think the watershed moment when a cool, innovative startup becomes an obese, moribund corporation is probably the adoption of JIRA.