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2017-10-26 (Thursday)


  1. Board games for two players

    Board games that work well with two players, as suggested by people on twitter.


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    Months ago I asked for suggestions of board games that work well with two players. Here’s a list:… Thanks everyone!

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    @iamdanw Have you finished those sausage rolls yet?

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    @Preoccupations “off-board”

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    @paul_regan @fortyvenus Wait, that was you stealing my coat?! Why I oughtta…

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    @genmon The Wonder Years was also set 20 years earlier. I think plenty’s been written about 20ish-year cycles of nostalgic revival.

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    @paul_regan Bugger. Well, whatever I’m getting soaked for here, I hope it’s worth it!

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    @paul_regan Wait, I thought I was queueing for the new iPhones…

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    @paul_regan I’m already queueing!

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    @genmon I’d love a chart of some kind showing each era’s callbacks to things of decades ago, made in attempts at “authenticity”.

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    As someone else pointed out (I wouldn’t have noticed) also it’s amazing they *still* use “white authors” but “black writers”, as yesterday.…

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    "Remember that black student yesterday, the one on the front cover, who was attacking white authors? Yeah, we made that up. Sorry."

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    @FakeDaveGreen How have you found them? We got a bit bored and stopped after the first 4 or so. I’m not quite sure what was missing.

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    VERY courageous, Minister...…

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    It seems the City did last night very freely lend the King 100,000l. without any security but the King’s word, which was very noble.

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    Love this Polish phonetic map from "The Red Atlas". For Warsaw Pact troops seeking to blend in as they occupy 'Saufend' & 'Landen'

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    @NicholasGuyatt I see they're sticking to the "white authors"/"black writers" thing.