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2014-06-18 (Wednesday)


  1. What is an incredible journey?

    A duplicate of my post on Our Incredible Journey.


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    @gilest I dunno… I’ve got enough stuff I want to read already, without some cocky algorithm thinking its serendipity ranking knows better.

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    A list of recent, good PaperLater-worthy articles ordered by page length, so you can perfectly fill that last gap in your next issue.

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    “What is an incredible journey?”… Because many people seem confused.

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    @alexforey Congratulations! I’d say “Now you can relax” but I expect you’ve got plenty of things to do :)

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    Even after all that python and ruby and that, when I need to knock up a quick, small demo site, I still seem to reach for PHP. It runs deep.

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    Is the pyramid of skulls at the north gate [ ] too high, [ ] correct height, [ ] not high enough? Bring completed survey to north gate.