Moving servers

In case you notice anything askew, I’m currently in the process of moving everything to a new server. Which is taking longer than I feared. Some things don’t work yet, but hopefully will soon.

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9 Mar 2014 at Twitter

  • 8:50pm: @antimega Everything but Pepys. Too many small parts. Ugh.
  • 8:41pm: Moving websites to new server, so far 10 hours. Not done yet, but enough for today.
  • 3:52pm: @tominsam But this phone's been getting gradually slower since I got it, so it seems normal.

    Hmm, this water's warm. Why's it bubbling…?
  • 1:43pm: @anneshewring Was that me?! Bugger. OK, I'll get right on it. PS, which aircraft carrier?
  • 1:22pm: My action point from this morning's Extraordinary Committee On Whimsy: Make a gopher server about 'A Dance To The Music Of Time'.