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2016-07-11 (Monday)


  1. The Shaolin Film Club

    What I can piece together about the mid-1990s film, music and computer games club.



  1. In the US, Brexit has become a shorthand for ‘Sorry your country failed’ | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

    I’m glad I haven’t been abroad since Brexit. British friends in the US are saying this has been their experience too.


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    @frankieroberto For orchestras? They (un)load at the east end of the westbound carriageway.

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    @frankieroberto Well, and the car parks for the residents. And @BarbicanCentre would need access for loading orchestras etc.

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    I assume the next words were “So that’s all good.”…

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    A slightly longer version of Cameron’s exit. There’s not only a ‘right’ but the classic follow-up ‘good.’ I adore it

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    @smagdali @angoid @moleitau @cakemix @harikunzru @yoz @Sofaville I wonder what else we’ve mostly forgotten from the old days.

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    @frankieroberto @cityoflondon @BarbicanCentre That kind of idea does come up, e.g. p32 of

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    I found fragments about the mid-90s Shaolin Film Club… cc @angoid @moleitau @cakemix @harikunzru @yoz @Sofaville

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    @minifig Same here I think. It seems even more futile a thing to agonise over at 2am than whatever personal thing is bugging me.

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    Last night I noted that Brexit has reached Number One in my chart of Things To Get Unreasonably Angry Or Upset About When I Can’t Sleep.

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    @philgyford “there’s nothing left for me to be across”

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    Now suspicious that UK politicians are playing some form of Pokemon Go: we don't have app so it just looks like pointless running around