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Writing tagged weeknotes

  1. Pause

    Pausing weeknotes for a bit.

  2. w/e 2024-04-28

    Hospital visits in Essex, swimming, The Thick Of It, and the wrong Godzilla.

  3. w/e 2024-04-21

    An ambulance. Secret City season two and Past Lives again.

  4. w/e 2024-04-14

    Ripley and Secret City season one.

  5. w/e 2024-04-07

    A bit of Django, more good TikToks, Renegade Nell, and This Town.

  6. w/e 2024-03-31

    Dan’s weeknotes. Digging. Gear stick. 3 Body Problem.

  7. w/e 2024-03-24

    A lovely couple of days in London; Dune: Part One and Dune: Part Two.

  8. w/e 2024-03-17

    Re-starting Red Dead Redemption 2; Spaceman.

  9. w/e 2024-03-10

    Our Flag Means Death season two, starting Shōgun, All Of Us Strangers, Monster, That They May Face The Rising Sun, and The Promised Land.

  10. w/e 2024-03-03

    Cloudflare Workers, rats, The Way, The Outfit, Showing Up, and Anatomy of a Fall.

  11. w/e 2024-02-26

    Essex and London, John Makin, Death Stranding, One Day, and The Killer.

  12. w/e 2024-02-18

    Learning to chainsaw, solar power forecast charts, and The Newsreader.

  13. w/e 2024-02-11

    NTS, driving, mousetraps, a new coffee grinder, little German, and Bodies.

  14. w/e 2024-02-04

    Enjoying driving the EV, This is Us season one, Sound of Metal and Red Rocket.

  15. w/e 2024-01-28

    Renault ZOE delivery, a trip to London, the William Morris Gallery, Poor Things, The Holdovers, and Kin.

  16. w/e 2024-01-21

    Rats not squirrels, text editors, a Renault ZOE, the end of Reservation Dogs, and Justified: City Primeval.

  17. w/e 2024-01-14

    Hosting, compost and rats, electric car thinking, and the macOS Sleeve app.

  18. w/e 2024-01-07

    The things I’ve done this week, season two of Dark, Reservation Dogs, and the Slow Horses book.

  19. f/e 2023-12-31

    Christmas, Fleishman is in Trouble, Only Murders in the Building season one, Doctor Who, and The Bear season one.

  20. w/e 2023-12-18

    A long weekend in London. The Spook School. ‘Women in Revolt!’ Past Lives

  21. w/e 2023-12-10

    Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road, Saltburn, Andor season one, and Dark season one.

  22. w/e 2023-12-03

    Leaf mulch, Florist, a webmention, tattoo idea, A Paris Education, winter.

  23. w/e 2023-11-26

    Using Ruff; Aloners, and Decision to Leave.

  24. w/e 2023-11-20

    A weekend in Bristol.

  25. w/e 2023-11-13

    A long weekend in Edinburgh, Dream Scenario, Stewart Lee on pre-social-media TV, Dogs of Berlin, Shiva Baby, Paranoid Park, Romeo + Juliet, and The Meyerowitz Stories.