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Writing tagged Personal

  1. Half-century notes

    Let’s look at how things have gone over my first fifty years.

  2. Moving to Herefordshire

    In January Mary and I are leaving London and moving to Herefordshire, for at least six months and maybe much longer.

  3. A wonky barter

    How am I doing with giving up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

  4. Uses this

    I’m currently featured on Uses This, about what I use “to get the job done.”

  5. f/e 18 March 2018

    Trying to combine two kinds of acting, and ‘Transparent’.

  6. Thanks Leonard

    I used a bit of one of Leonard Cohen’s songs on a dating service.

  7. Press play

    A snippet of ten-year-old me from an old cassette.

  8. Site back to normal

    Brief postmortem after moving all my websites to a new server.

  9. More rubbish

    On writing for the blog.

  10. My new(ish) job and a decade of freelancing

    On why I decided I needed a proper job after ten years of freelancing.

  11. Doing something

    Programming scratches the same itch that building Lego used to when I was a kid.

  12. Moving from Delicious to Pinboard

    I’m switching to Pinboard from Delicious.

  13. My memories of Chipping Hill School

    What I can remember from when I was around five, six and seven.

  14. Joining Really Interesting Group

    I’m joining Really Interesting Group with some other friendly faces.

  15. Twenty-four small drawers

    Re-organised and labelled for the first time in more than twenty years.

  16. New York Holiday

    I had a few days in New York after SXSW and loved it.

  17. Learning to quit

    I’ve been thinking about how to spend one’s time, particularly with regards to learning new things.

  18. How’s the acting going?

    More than a year on, people still keep asking me this. Short answer: “It’s not.” But that’s fine.

  19. What am I up to?

    For everyone who thinks I’m just being an actor or something now.

  20. Field Trip 1993

    I’ve posted up the hour long video of the field trip round Europe I went on at university in 1993.

  21. Making websites

    Looking back at the web work I’ve done over the past year.


    I’ve set up a new website for me as an actor.

  23. Completely different things

    This week I’m described in the press as a “web designer and programmer” and a “British actor”.

  24. Available for work

    I have some time available for work over the festive period.

  25. Ambition(s)

    For our new Company Development class I had to write down my “dream life as a creative artist”. This is my attempt.