A good morning on Twitter

Over breakfast I usually catch up on the overnight Twitter and read the (online) paper. This often isn’t a cheery way to start the day but it was a good Twitter morning today, so I thought I’d share.

At the end of one conversation Timo linked to this article about Richard Florida’s theory of the creative class, which is very interesting (as are Florida’s and Bures’ follow-ups).

Then some lighter, thoughtful, relief from Danny in fine form. (“this dates back from a socialist workers party festival when i was 10, seeing a cop and organizer jeering together at my clown facepaint / clown facepaint i had been obliged to adopt due to social pressure. I swore then enmity to the organized radical left and sulked rest of day”)

Jonty linked to this “semi-fictional” film from 1973 set in London’s Thamesmead estate (“featuring a young Veruca Salt no less”), which I’ve only watched the first few minutes of but love so far. (I find it interesting how there’s a particularly 1970s way of speaking in these things, much as people in, say, 1940s films have their own manner. The early 21st century is going to sound as equally quaint in not very long.)

A private correspondent linked to a Motor Trend video in a Citroen DS and a Tesla Model S are compared. The cars have very little in common but the number of cars that get me excited is small and here’s two in one 12 minute video. (Honestly, I wish the Tesla looked more distinctive but I guess if you’ve got to persuade petrol-car-fans that electric is worthwhile you don’t want to turn them off with something outlandish.)

And finally, a brief conversation about writing and how to indicate bits you’ll do later. (“TK” is the professional way, as Tom L says, but I usually go for the “XXX” option.)

With all that excitement I didn’t have time to read much news, so that makes the morning even cheerier!

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