Hello RSS people

At some point over the next mumble days I’ll probably be doing drastic things to this site, including changing the locations of the RSS feeds.

Hopefully this will happen seamlessly and my posts will continue to appear in your feed reader just as they always have done and always should do. But if, in a week or two, you find yourself thinking, “Hmm, I haven’t seen anything from Phil Gyford’s Website recently,” then it might be worth checking on the site. If there are recent posts you haven’t seen, you may need to update your RSS feed subscription. The new links will, as now, be down at the bottom of every page.

Even if this change does work as seamlessly as possible, it might still be the case that lots of old posts, including this one, reappear as “new” in your feed reader. Look on this as a retro re-enactment of the old days when some people would occasionally re-write their own websites, resulting in this exact behaviour. The glory days 2.0.

Thank you for your attention and patience in this matter. If you’re reading this via RSS then you’re one of the special people, my people, and I appreciate you clinging on to this technology like a dated XML life raft. Hold on tight.

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4 Jan 2018 at Twitter

  • 4:40pm: @FinalBullet I guess the architects assumed a lot of rubbish would be deposited in the futuristic vacuum-powered disposal system. (The Barbican)
  • 4:39pm: @FinalBullet In this 1960s vision of the future residents place their rubbish into a cupboard by the front door, and it’s picked up by a collector from the corridor. Except the cupboards are too small for modern rubbish bags.
  • 4:34pm: @markhurrell Wikipedia: ‘Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the modern legion uniform is the khaki "gorrillo" cap or "chapiri”….’ No, still not the most interesting thing.
  • 4:30pm: @FinalBullet Some people here get *very* worked up over people leaving their rubbish bags in the corridor overnight when collections ARE FROM 8AM.
  • 1:41pm: @paulrobertlloyd Don’t raise your expectations :) Simply “Not being an old mess of Movable Type and PHP” is my initial goal!
  • 1:39pm: @paulrobertlloyd I was planning to, because I like the idea of JSON Feed, but in reality it didn’t seem to offer any *immediate* benefit, so that’s for another day.
  • 7:54am: @BillyElNino @forzavinyl @samuelpepys This is true, although those bits do tend to fit in 140 characters better than the lengthy accounts of committees and legal wranglings!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Radiohead (24)
  2. Mr. Airplane Man (13)
  3. Charli XCX (11)
  4. Brian Eno (7)
  5. Beck (3)
  6. Shearwater (3)
  7. David Bowie (3)
  8. Courtney Barnett (2)
  9. 細野晴臣 (2)
  10. Kristin Kontrol (2)

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